Are Distributor Mobile Apps better than Web or Desktop Apps?

Are Distributor Mobile Sales Apps better than Web or Desktop Apps?

Mobile apps, web and desktop apps each have their positives and negatives. However, for distributors of manufactured equipment, mobile apps generally do better at meeting their specific requirements.

While the web is highly available to laptop and desktop computers, mobile is better for a smooth, personalized experience. People spend a majority of their waking hours on mobile devices.

A field sales management app is one that helps channel sales teams access content quickly and easily.


Mobile Apps for Distributors

With the improved quality of apps, the web no longer offers the convenience and performance it once did. Web browsers place too many constraints on websites, limiting their speed, flexibility, and overall performance.

B2B equipment buyers find mobile apps persuasive because the communication is seamless, easy, and personalized. Speed, convenience, and data storage are important factors encouraging the use of these apps.

Web services simply cannot complete with how native apps perform in this regard. They minimize or eliminate logins, operate seamlessly with the device, respond faster, and offer better security for data and payments.


Key Benefits for Distributors

The mobile experience has been improving ever since it first hit the market. This includes improved hardware and faster network speeds. Compared to a web or desktop, a distributor mobile app is superior across various metrics.

The key qualities distributors require:

  • Instant access to content during sales conversations and meetings
  • The capability to share content with customers
  • The ability to answer questions immediately
  • Convenient training and reinforcement about products

When the above features are available, there are numerous positive outcomes for distributors:

  • Higher sales velocity due to quicker responses to questions – 1-2 weeks faster on average
  • Training time reduced by 50% to 70% – especially useful among new reps
  • Fewer low-quality support calls from reps
  • Increased confidence and close rates


Aren’t Apps Hard to Build and Maintain?

Mobile applications deliver a faster and more convenient experience for the user. They also facilitate better sales conversations and provide tools for powerful, data-based marketing.

Some common concerns and hesitations from the purchasing side include:

  • Too expensive
  • Take too long to build
  • Too hard to maintain
  • Too hard to learn how to use
  • Distributors won’t use it


The Reality – Both Good AND Bad

The bad news if you want to call it that is that an app of any kind isn’t free. There is a cost in its development if it’s home-grown or hired out. And there’s may be cost in a subscription, if it is software as a service.

Distributors need mobile apps that are very easy to use and help to deliver more efficient marketing and higher sales.