5 Sales Enablement Ideas You Can Use Today

Gartner identifies sales enablement as the activities, systems, and processes that support and promote knowledge-based sales interactions with clients and prospects. To put it simply, it’s where you, your sales representatives, your marketing team, your dealers, and your possible customers engage with connections about your product.

Purchasing and ordering goods online is the current trend. Customers and possible clients prefer scrolling and clicking on their mobile devices while they’re in the comfort of their homes and offices, anytime and anywhere, rather than going out and personally strolling through shops and malls.

On the other hand, for people like you who are engaging in businesses and interested in building one, obtaining familiarity with the process of sales enablement will help you sell more, sell effectively, and even gain more customers. One of the popular systems used in sales enablement is our mobile sales tool, BAM! 

BAM! is an easy-to-install mobile sales enablement app that is incredibly effective for your business.


Five Sales Enablement Ideas To Use Today


1. Utilize Apps To Reach Huge Clientele

With the new way of shopping today, maximizing apps on your mobile devices as a tool in presenting your product to the market will greatly help in broadening your clientele reach, not just in your area but all over the world. Moreover, more people will be aware of your product.

In addition, the usage of apps on mobile devices is beneficial for both customers and marketers. Apps provide a variety of features that will make the shopping experience hassle-free for the customer.


2. Enable Access To Purchase Offline and Online

When an unsteady or slow internet connection occurs due to either unforeseen circumstances or just an error in your service network, a smooth and easygoing shopping experience is often interrupted. But, with an application that’s available both on and offline, it becomes stress-free for customers.

Aside from ease of use, utilizing an application that’s available online and offline such as BAM! will allow for a speedy interaction between the seller and customer because the connection is not restrained by any third-party service network.

One of BAM!’s clients said that they once struggled with delivering marketing materials and content to their sales representative. With BAM!, they were able to meet potential clients on and offline.


3. Encourage Seller Networking

Sales enablement tools such as mobile applications are useful for businesses with sellers who use a full portfolio in showing their products and goods.

BAM! is a user-friendly app for both the seller and customer, as it exhibits your wide range of products at your fingertips.

A customer of BAM! stated that both their customers and dealers are pleased with how the app works, especially when sharing and showing real-time information about their portfolio, which is beneficial to their business.


4. Utilize Smooth Payment Transactions

Unlike in the past, payments can now be done in just one click through your mobile device. Cashless transactions conducted online are much more preferable at present times. 

There are a variety of payment mechanisms that operate online which make your customer’s shopping and purchasing experience easy and convenient. This can be done through the mobile checkout option visible in the application.


5. Encourage Better Connections With the Team

Alongside having a better connection with your customers, sales enablement tools such as BAM! also strengthen the connection within the people behind your business, your team.

Whether you’re in the sales team or marketing team, using a single and functional application within your team is a must. By doing this, you lessen the burden of managing different tasks. Utilizing different sites and mediums when communicating with a number of people in your team will most likely lead to chaos and confusion.

However, sharing your input on one platform will lessen the chance of having issues because of miscommunication. Easy and smooth communication within your team makes the work easier and more productive. This will create and transcend a positive environment for your business.

Another client at BAM! shared a success story that when their team started using BAM! as a medium of communication in their business, they were able to avoid miscommunication and communicate their inputs well within the group, thus making their work more efficient.


Sales Enablement Is Key

Adequate knowledge of sales enablement is essential for your business, your team, and for people who are planning to venture into one, especially in times like this. It won’t just make managing your business easier, it will also make your business gain more profit, reach more potential clients, and attain more success.

In addition, it will also give the customers a smooth-sailing shopping experience! 






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