Improve Channel Marketing Content – 3 Key Metrics


You Can’t Improve What you Don’t Measure

What are the right metrics to track for your channel marketing content?

There are actually three easy steps for marketers in this segment to improve ROI through better efficiency and effectiveness with analytics - that is, with improved sales tracking tools.

It’s well-known (but still shocking) that 70% of marketing content is never seen. Which means it’s never used. Which means it’s never passed along to customers and it’s never used to educate dealers or distributors and it just falls flat on its face when it comes to ROI.

70% of marketing content is never seen by anyone. Ouch.

The even bigger problem? To add insult to injury, most companies don’t know which 70% that is, because if you did have that knowledge you’d be able to do something about it.

Why is this happening?

Putting these metrics together can be done manually with surveys and soliciting feedback from reps. Or you can automate it with a single source of truth that effortlessly publishes information to a mobile sales app and tracks these numbers for you automatically.


3 Big Challenges  

Three are three fundamental challenges that manufacturing marketers confront, which pose considerable obstacles to a smooth and easy process:

  1. Independent distributors spread over a wide area
  2. Small marketing team with few resources
  3. A mix of uncoordinated tools to distribute and track content


3 Easy Steps to Higher ROI on Marketing

To increase efficiency and effectiveness you just need the right metrics, three simple ones.

  1. Asset utilization – what is most popular content
  2. User engagement – who is most active and engaged
  3. Sharing activity – how are customers getting information

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