Why Distributor Sales Enablement is a Powerful Weapon

Use Sales Enablement to grow your distributors the right way.


Show your distributors how they can get better results

To truly enable distributors to reach higher levels of performance requires a re-thinking. 

Many manufacturers today just write off 80% or more of their distributor network as "low performing" and stop trying to help them. 

In reality, even low-performing distributors can perform radically better with small amounts of better training and access to product information. 

Efficient training prepares distributors to help customers faster 

It's well known that new distributor reps take forever to get up to speed - 12, 18, 24 months are typical ramp-ups. Good luck keeping them around that long!

Part of the problem with training today is that it is inconvenient and expensive. 

Instead of classroom training and three ring binders, put the training in a mobile app the distributor has wherever he or she goes. 

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Make your distributor the expert and your product will shine

The most critical piece of this is product knowledge.

Distributor reps who know the products inside and out will get deals and make customers feel confident about their purchasing decision. 

And at the end of the day, that's exactly what you want. 

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