Do Your Distributors have ROI Calculators?

Everyone wants to "run the numbers." But almost no one actually can. 


In a B2B sale, ROI calculator are a key tool

In the world of business to business selling, it will always be essential to be able to run the numbers. 

Customers want to know things like:

  • How many hours a week do I need to run this machine to break even?
  • What's my payback period if I purchase it?
  • What am I looking at for weekly profit if I rent?

If you can provide them information they want, a sale gets much easier. 

The most powerful ROI calculators are mobile

Most manufacturers today don't have worthwhile ROI calculators. The few that do? Most likely they're stuck on Bob's laptop and everyone is scared to use them. 

Why's that? Because they're in Excel, or Google Sheets, or some other program, and they're always throwing errors and breaking down. 

Modern ROI and other kinds of sales calculators operate like an app - any distributor can download and use it.

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Give distributors the ultimate closing argument

It's often the last part of the sale that gives sales reps the most trouble. 

This is because it's when the rational mind takes over. The buyer wants evidence this is the right decision. 

The most powerful evidence you can provide to your distributors is in the form of hard numbers. 

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