Our Distributors Don't Know Our Products! - Every Manufacturer

Give distributors the information they need, when they need it. 


Product knowledge is the key missing link for distributors

How do you make distributors higher-performing? Meaning: more deals closed, happier customers, better buyer experience?

Make them more knowledgeable about your products. 

If that sounds easier said than done, it's probably true - unless you have a mobile distributor portal:

  • That is dead simple to use (even a cave man...)
  • Is available 24/7
  • Works offline

Give them the right questions to ask (and the right answers, too)

A lot of times distributors just need the right questions to ask....so let's give them what they need.

Imagine distributors having a list of questions to ask every single buyer - no more order-taking, just good old fashioned information based selling!

All distributors need are better scripts to follow and they will be more effective.

(If you want to see even more features...)

Customers buy from more informed distributors

Buyers LOVE it when distributors know the products extremely well. 

And distributors don't particularly like it when they are forced to fumble around for information and have to tell the customer "I'll have to find that answer and get back to you..."

Even better, on demand (think app-based) solutions can include a product recommendation matrix to use the Q&A to head straight for the right product. 

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