Most Manufacturers Still Share Product Updates the Old Way

Send out updates that get seen instantly using push notifications.

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Distributors aren't seeing your updates 

Email may seem convenient but it's a poor way to communicate updates to distributors. 

There are several reasons for this:

  • Emails can get missed (everyone's busy)
  • They can get caught in spam filters
  • You have no good way of knowing if they're seen at all

A new method is required to make sure updates get seen

Product information updates are not frivolous - these are essential communications required to keep distributors up to date on your products. 

Perhaps it's the latest brochure, demonstration video, or training documents. 

These are the kinds of materials customers need, too. So it's critical to prioritize the communication method to make sure they get seen right away. 

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Push notifications are the key

If push notifications are good enough for Facebook and Tik Tok, they should be good enough for us to use. 

Those companies have a deep understanding of how to reach people and get them onto their platform.  

Let's take a page from their book and use push notifications to keep our distributors up to date and sales ready. 

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