Your Distributor Portal Shouldn't Look Like "Hoarders"

Portals shouldn't be cluttered mess. Make it easy to find things fast.


Don't waste everyone's time making it hard to find information

Distributors on average spend 4 hours a week looking for sales and marketing collateral. That's RIDICULOUS.

Yet, it's a self-inflicted problem. Marketing teams have made it difficult to find information, otherwise it wouldn't take nearly so long.

Imagine the difference it would make if instead of 4 hours, it took 2, or 1. 

Make you have a good search function

It isn't just about having a de-cluttered portal with assets neatly arranged and organized.

It's also about having information that is relevant to the person using the portal. 

And there's no better way than helping distributors find what they're looking for than a good search function.

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Finding information faster helps distributors and customers

Naturally, distributors want to be able to find information faster. It makes them more efficient. They waste less time. 

But an equally important part of the equation is the customer. 

Customers HATE it when distributors don't have the answers and "have to get back to them." Making it easier for reps to answer questions on the spot helps customers move faster to the right buying decision.

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