Mobile Sales Apps for Distributors are More Effective Than Web

Mobile apps and optimized web are both important tools to help distributors perform vital marketing and sales tasks. However, the mobile app matches the needs of distributors and customers more effectively than an optimized web presence. The web pulls in a significant amount of organic traffic and is often suited for determining product availability and pricing research, while a tailored and scaled eCommerce experience is achieved more effectively through mobile sales apps for independent distributors. Look no further than the BAM! mobile sales app to help achieve optimum sales results.


Mobile App Features

More than 50% of traffic on the web comes through mobile devices. Also, consumers are increasingly spending more money on and accessing mobile apps to make their mobile researching, shopping, and purchasing experience as effective and satisfying as possible. When it comes to distributors and mobile apps, some of the main factors for their use include speed, convenience, and data storage.

Note: just make sure you offer a sales app for Android, too - they make up over 40% of the North American market!

A field sales management app and retailers can help maximize these factors through:

  • Control login access and data access.
  • Excellent appearance for native applications.
  • Native apps respond much faster for a less frustrating experience.
  • Native mobile apps provide better security for the transfer of sensitive data and payment information.

Better Purchasing Experience with Mobile Apps for Distributors

Native mobile apps help create an easy, seamless, and personalized buying experience for B2B customers. Distributors can help customers make purchases quickly with just a few clicks, helping make their use very popular.

The mobile web experience has improved significantly across the board for distributors and their customers. No longer is it necessary to view the browser experience on a desktop to be completely dissimilar from the mobile one.

An app for distributed sales more efficient user experience, better sales conversions, and tools for effective, targeted, data-focused marketing.

Users today demand efficient, fast, and effective solutions. With the development and maintenance of mobile apps becoming easier, using the web just does not provide all the advantages to justify it as the preferred option for distributors. Mobile web sites are restricted in their capabilities by web browsers – they are geared toward pulling in web traffic. These restrictions limit functionality and efficiency.

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