How to create a High-Performing Distributor Network

If you want high-performing distributors, help them.

Activate the 80%

The biggest opportunity for many manufacturers is to activate their lowest performing distributors, the bottom 80%.

Some manufacturers don't even have 20% that are high-performing. 

Maybe it's 15%. Or 10%. Or 1%. Regardless, there's big opportunity in the rest. 

If you want to make change, start at the bottom

It might seem counterintuitive, but your lower performers are actually your biggest opportunity for positive growth. 

Your top-selling distributors need you to take care of them, sure - President's Club, an all expenses paid trip to Key West, you know the drill. Keep them happy!

But what you really need to do is look at your lower performers - that's where you can move the needle. 

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A rising tide lifts all distributors

Your distributors are lacking the right tools. So what do they need?

  • They need information that is organized, current, and easy to access
  • They need training that is on demand, available from anywhere
  • They need you to ask them what would help them perform better - and then you need to give it to them

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So how does all of this work, anyway?

Glad you asked. 

It's actually pretty simple. 

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