Why Most Manufacturing Sales Enablement Portals Fail

DIY tools create too much friction and waste time for content admins.

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Information is not efficient to manage in portals today

Does it take too long to upload information in your distributor portal?

It's one of the points of friction, and friction compounds. 

  • Assets are hard to upload, organize, and manage
  • The workflow is ineffective
  • It's slow to update assets once they're live

Make it easy to manage content

Portals shouldn't make life so hard - rather, they should make life easier.

Not just on admins, either, but certainly there. Why? Because that's the lead domino - if it isn't easy for the admins to work in, any portal is going to fail. It just won't have accurate or current information for the distributors who need the information for the customers they serve. 

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Forget DIY - make sure you get DWY or DFY

Do it yourself tools are very common and it's easy to see why - software companies like selling licenses more than serving customers. 

It's an unfortunate reality of this business that once you're locked into a yearly subscription service, you're on your own.

A better way to proceed is with a done with you or done for you model. It's one reason we have such recognition from our customers and places like G2, because we just don't leave our customers hanging post-implementation. 

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