4 Ways Mobile Sales Tools Can Increase Customer Engagement

“You will never see eye-to-eye if you never meet face-to-face.”

– Warren Buffett, Chairman and CEO, Berkshire Hathaway

Tools that make your business relationships stronger

In sales, in order to increase customer engagement account reps have traditionally relied on face to face communications. Sales people have met with prospects and customers in person to build long-term relationships. Unfortunately, reps cannot easily remember all of the information on the products they sell, particularly in a small business with a smaller sales team. That’s why reps must take advantage of the tools made available by modern app development on their smartphones or tablets to provide that information so they can be focusing on increasing mobile sales customer engagement. Mobile presence with an app makes it work. 

Here are four ways your sales organization and leverage mobile sales tools for customer engagement in their sales operations.

1. Mobile tools make it easier to share content

With a mobile document library on mobile phone or tablet, sales representatives do not have to work as hard. They don’t have to wait to get to find a high-speed wifi network to get on their mobile devices and access an old-fashioned sales portal and multiple repositories of information. Now, sales reps can download and review content, even when offline, making it easier to access the right content at the right time. Accessing a central content library through a mobile app is far more efficient for a sales person, and allows the rep to be more responsive to customer needs, thereby creating greater customer engagement.

Merely having the content isn’t enough, however, so push notifications help sales reps at login to know what new content is available for presentation to customers. Whether it’s new product options, updated pricing, social media posts or even the latest content marketing, having the latest information at the fingertips of the sales team will help close deals.

2. Mobile tools help with CRM

Customer questions can’t wait to be answered. In these cases, mobile tools allow sales reps to continue their conversation and move prospects through the buyer’s journey. In fact, a sales rep using mobile tools will be able to send off information that a customer requested at any time, anywhere. These extra touch points can result in a sale, lead to an ongoing book of business, and a buyer who would not hesitate to reach out to a rep in the future.

The faster reps can respond to leads, the more likely it is for the contact to be successful and the more likely you will see a corresponding increase in conversion rates. Besides, in 2018, we’re all constantly on our mobile devices, so why not make it as easy as possible for them to be more successful?

3. Mobile tools give customers real ROI information

For many types of sale, particularly in a B2B selling situation, a critical selling point is frequently return on investment (ROI).

The mobile sales tool ROI calculation, interactive and real-time, can offer a prospective buyer the additional perspective of real cost of ownership. This is very important when demonstrating improved cost performance against competitive equipment in the category. Ultimately, app ROI will be one of the key reasons your customers choose to buy from you. There are no doubt multiple stakeholders in the decision-making team, and before they can sign off they need to see the numbers.

ROI proof points are especially necessary if you are a category leader like many of our clients. The highest quality products tend to cost the most initially, but over the lifetime it’s in use, the lower maintenance costs and category-leading fuel efficiency means significantly lower total cost of ownership. Being able to show this comparison is essential for such a sales team, and having it right on an app or mobile site gets the job done.

If you can quickly and easily input some numbers with your customer and see an output in easy to understand graphical form? Priceless.

4. Mobile tools provide key customer support post-sale

A key element of post-sale customer service and customer experience is providing product support to your buyers.

There are few things that can hamper a sales rep more than being unable to engage with a customer because legal hasn’t approved the messaging yet, or that messaging is difficult to find and impossible to configure on the fly. When you sell complex equipment, product support materials need to be made available to the customers. Often times, customers are pointed to a site where the might or might not be able to find what they are looking for. Sales apps hold the promise of providing content specific to the buyers of your equipment. Product info, user manuals, troubleshooting tips and tricks can all be made available, simply and easily accessible.

The marketing team is cranking out content, and sales wants and needs it, but because of the lack of “being on the same page,” it becomes a game of telephone. Automated responses to customer inquiries, automatic tracking in CRM (e.g. SalesForce), and particularly follow-up, can be enabled by the sales app. Creating these communications can be done natively on a mobile platform. The end result is more on-point messaging, reduced noise, and enhanced customer support, building trust in the relationship between customer and dealer.


In the era of mobile marketing and sales technology, any sales organization can benefit from mobile sales tools that build engagement. The BAM! mobile engagement and customer relationship platform has capabilities that allow for communicating and collaborating in the moment. BAM! delivers on that promise.

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