Mobile Sales Apps for Distributors: Getting Better Sales Conversions

Customers are increasingly depending on mobile devices to shop and make purchases. For this reason, it is vital for businesses to focus on the effective implementation of mobile strategies to reach their customers.

Mobile sales apps for distributors make it much easier to get not only higher, but better quality, sales conversions. 

However, there are many things companies can get growing when the attempt to go mobile. For example, reaching mobile users means more than just being "mobile friendly."

It means respecting the fact that while iOS remains the dominant operating system in native English speaking markets like the US and Canada, Android still makes up over 40% of those markets, too.

Which means it's critical to offer a Sales App for Android, as well. 

Let's look at six crucial considerations if you want to make sure that your dealers and distributors get better sales conversions through the use of a mobile app. 

1. Ease of Use

Mobile apps maximize the inherent features mobile devices possess and are more effective than mobile websites at delivering an efficient, seamless shopping experience for customers. These apps provide an array of helpful features such as barcode scanning, voice search, and more to minimize the effort and enhance the shopping experience.

2. Speed

The technology upon which mobile apps are built enables them to load faster than mobile websites. They are not restricted by speed constraints offered by networks. Shoppers demand seeing a fully loaded screen quickly rather than having to wait for even several seconds. 

3. Push Notifications

Businesses often use push notifications effectively to send updates to their customers’ cell phones. These notifications are often personalized messages that inform or remind the customer about something important, such as an alert that the product the customer ordered is now is stock or a notice to check out one or more new products. These push notifications encourage repeat purchases and increase the loyalty of customers to the business. They also reduce cart abandonment.

4. Payments

Mobile checkouts can be done essentially with one click through certain payment mechanisms that operate on mobile devices. The ease with which payments can be done with these one-click shopping apps increases the likelihood of shoppers going through with a purchase, thus increasing conversion rates.

5. Ability to Purchase Anywhere

Unlike with a desktop or even a laptop, consumers take mobile devices with them everywhere they go. Millions of shoppers are ready to make purchases at any moment in time, and sometimes not at home with a standard computer.

6. Social Networks

Mobile apps make it easy for shoppers to share products they find appealing or have purchased to others on social media. This helps expose the product to hundreds or thousands of other potential customers.

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