How do you make your distributor portal accessible? With a mobile app.

If you want distributors to use the portal, make it easy to access

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Don't be a one-trick pony

How many ways can your distributors get to the information in the portal?

Maybe it's just one - in a browser.

The problem with that is that's it not optimized for mobile, even if it's supposedly "responsive."

So, any time your distributor is out in the yard, or visiting a customer at a job site, or without a wifi connection, there's no access. 

Go where your distributors already are

Some of your distributors will LIKE and PREFER to access content in the web portal from the comfort of their office.

Others will prefer to use a laptop on the go.

Many more will prefer the convenience of a mobile app, especially if it offers convenient features like

  • Always current, approved content
  • Push notifications for instant updates
  • Offline mode

(If you want to see even more features...)

Increase mindshare and engagement with mobile

You can radically increase portal adoption with your distributors by going mobile. 

Make it easy for them to access the content they need and higher levels of engagement and mindshare will follow. 

So will sales numbers like velocity and booked orders. 

And they'll finally stop acting like order takers. 

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