Frictionless Distributor Sales Enablement Part 1: Product Knowledge

Give your distributors the tools to act like experts.

Order taker, peer, or expert?

"Order taker" reps know less than the buyer about the product. They simply can't compete so when the buyer starts spouting off about the product, the rep says something akin to "let me go get the order form."

This is the order taker zone and it's not good. 

"Peer" reps are on the level of the buyer. Peer-level conversations are good. There's professional respect and trust. Buyers feel "this person understands my business and can help me out."

The peer zone is where a lot of good decisions happen.

"Expert" reps make magic happen. 

Buyers consult experts for advice, to get their problems solved.

Experts bring real insight to buyers. 

They can show them numbers they didn't know: the cost of operating a piece of equipment, how many hours to reach break-even, their ROI in a rent vs. buy, detailed analysis of why this or that product is better for their particular situation.

The expert zone is where we want reps to be with buyers.

But it doesn't happen very often, because it takes reps decades in many cases to build up the level of knowledge and experience to get there. 


How we can make ordinary reps look like experts?

It might seem counterintuitive, but your lower performers are actually your biggest opportunity for positive growth. 

Your top sellers may already be experts. Or at least they operate like peers. 

But with the right tools in their hands, you can actually elevate a lot of younger, newer, or just plain inexperienced reps to the level of expert. 

That's where you can move the needle. 

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A rising tide lifts all distributors

Your distributors are lacking the right tools. So what do they need?

  • They need information that is organized, current, and easy to access - so they can speak authoritatively on products
  • They need training that is on demand, available from anywhere - training that includes the right questions to ask, and the right answers to frequently asked questions
  • They need tools that enable them to provide insight to buyers - cost of ownership calculators, finance calculators, even configurator tools

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So how does all of this work, anyway?

Glad you asked. 

It's actually pretty simple. 

We created a short cut. 

If you would like to see how the Frictionless Distributor Sales Enablement System helps manufacturers slash admin costs and reduce wasted time throughout the sale from onboarding to closing, watch this five minute video.

If you want to see how all of this could impact your organization and its distributor network, schedule a 15-minute call with us to see if we can help.