Best Apps for Sales Reps

Streamline digital asset management in the cloud through with the best mobile sales app.

Sales reps can quickly gain access to these important assets to improve productivity and lead tracking.

Overall, cloud based apps improve sales process and make life easier. And it really helps with project management because it saves time and integrates with google calendar.

Sales managers greatly benefit, too, with features that make creating playbooks for field sales easier than ever before. Sales automation helps with lead generation.

With BAM!, your sales team will become more efficient. Stay in control of your company’s published content and how employees and outside sales reps access it.

Some of the features and benefits of the best apps for sales reps we offer include:


Can Sales Apps Increase Sales Velocity?

One of the greatest frustrations of the modern buyer is uninformed sales reps. Buyers prefer to have answers faster.

Being able to answer questions on the spot is a crucial capability for modern sales reps.

The Sales Velocity Equation is:

V (Sales Velocity) = # (Number of Opportunities) x $ (Average Deal Value) x % (Win Rate)

Consider the inputs below:

  • – Number of opportunities 100
  • – Average Deal Size $5000
  • – Win Rate 20%
  • – Average Sales Cycle Length 45.6 days

The calculation would become:

100 x $5000 x 20% / 45.6 days = $2200 / day

Slow sales velocities are trouble for many sales teams. Sales managers prefer deals that move through the funnel quickly, regardless of whether it wins up being a yes or no.

But it also impacts buyer satisfaction. Buyers want questions answered and problems solved. So it’s in everyone’s best interests for deals to move quickly to a conclusion.


Send the Ideal Content to Your Sales Network, Anywhere and Any Time

You and your team can have the assets you need on both Android and iOS. Some of the features and benefits include:

  • – Every sales rep’s mobile device can access everything needed, even offline. This includes guided training, sales playbooks, mobile selling tools, and complete product catalogue.
  • – Through the cross platform app on iOS Android, your sales reps can share assets with potential customers.
  • – Sales reps produce great assets by uploading files – for instance, when they take an important photo at an event.

Guided training – the current paradigm of sales training is broken. Training is inconvenient, hard to schedule, and quickly forgotten. In fact, 90% of information is forgotten within 30 days.

In order to make knowledge stick, it’s necessary to use reinforcement. On demand, mobile training through a sales training app makes self-directed “at your own pace” sales training possible.

Sales playbooks – one of the best ways to create consistent reps is through sales playbooks. This is true when training new reps and when going after new buyers. Mobile sales apps can help reps with a guided selling process and clear next steps.

Selling often comes down to asking the right questions at the right time to move a deal forward. Playbooks can included suggested questions to evaluate the customers requirements and business needs.

One more area where sales playbooks are great is during expansion. When business is booming and you’re adding dealers, distributors, and inside sales, you need a blueprint. Sales playbooks make channel and sales network growth scalable.

Mobile selling tools – the best information is always available, when you need it, wherever you. The benefit of a mobile sales tool is clear: you have the information you need in your pocket at all times.

Examples of some of the content it helps to have easily accessible on mobile:

  • – Contact information through customer profiles. This makes it easy to follow up with customers for two reasons. First, their contact information is always right there in your mobile device. Second, you have a list of all previously shared content so you know where you are.
  • Mobile sales calculators help to evaluate ROI, rent vs. buy options, financing, TCO and more. This can include custom calculations such as radial stacker stockpile height.
  • – Favorites so you can quickly access your most frequently used and valuable content
  • – Search capability allows you to find whatever you are looking for instantly
ROI sales calculator for dealers


Asset sharing – during live conversations with buyers, requests for additional information and context often come up. With asset sharing, sales can immediately send brochures, videos, spec sheets, even pricing with the click of a button.

Delays are always problematic in sales. This is true from sales as well as the buyer perspective. Asset sharing removes one of the obstacles to buyer education.

User generated content for sales and marketing – some organizations want to see content from their distributed sales networks. Such communications can include demonstrations of product, troubleshooting successes that can inform training, and customer case studies.

Some situations really benefit from authentic content. Buyers trust other buyers much more than sales reps trying to sell them. As much as possible, marketers should try to get content from subject matter experts.

Fully Control Your Content and Who Sees It

Sales rep are ready to sell when content reaches their mobile app quickly. There are benefits at every stage of the sales cycle: live conversations with a customer, sales prospecting, or follow-up.

Other features and benefits include:

  • – User permissions determine the delivery of content to the app, giving you control over which sales rep sees what.
  • – It is easy to manage content updates in the app through content builders in the DAM (digital asset manager).
  • – Each time a sales rep logs in, updates are visible in the mobile sales app. No one ever has to worry about using an outdated asset again.

Fine-grained Permissions – it can be difficult to make sure everyone has access to the right materials. This is especially true when you have a large team spread over a wide area. It starts with different functions such as sales and marketing. Different levels of authority (outside sales, inside sales, regional sales managers, and admins) become manageable.

Enter fine-grained permissions, which enable access and publishing rights to be fine-tuned to almost any degree. True control over access rights becomes possible when you can set rights at the user, folder, or group level.

Convenient Builder Tools

You can create effective product tours with product and navigator builders. These interactive elements connect to product videos, calculators, spec sheets, and brochures.

  • – You can create your own experience, utilizing your own assets with the use of simple builder tools
  • – Upon user log-in, the mobile sales app receives builder updates automatically made in the DAM
  • – We are happy to provide you with help consultation in order to develop a customized experience all your own.

Builder Types

  • News Builder – easily put together news and other updates. By making these available on mobile, it’s easy to keep everyone informed about the latest information.
  • Feature Builder – create detailed information about product features and benefits.
  • Product Builder – interactive slides help educate sales reps and buyers equally well. Includes walk-around “virtual” tours of products with multiple angles to simulate the real thing.
  • Navigator Builder – create visual navigation to walk prospects through your product lines
  • Comparison Builders – product comparisons make it easy to get to the right buying decision.


Exceptional Support

We are happy to provide you with a customized onboarding experience. Our team is committed to your success and we do so by providing you with some important benefits:

  • – The onboarding process is easy with a short period of time for ramping up and rolling out BAM!
  • – Your Admins can take advantage of unlimited customer support, including a responsive help desk team and support widget.

For more information, give us a call today at (800) 479-0822 or schedule a growth session.