We don't do everything.


Who we help and how

We help companies with outside sales networks create the most informed and professional distributors in their industry. 


B2B companies with outside sales seek our help when:

  • They're sick of getting calls from distributors for basic information

  • Their distributors behave like order-takers because they can't answer questions from customers

  • They're fed up with the mess of email, print and hard to update portals (that almost nobody uses)


After working together our customers walk away with:

  • Engaged distributors with increased mindshare who present the brand well to customers

  • Effective distributors who can steer customers to the right buying decision by asking the right questions

  • A digital battle card that creates sales-ready reps who can sell from the front foot (instead of on their heels)

  • A consistent sales process they can manage and measure that produces repeatable sales outcomes

  • A proven, channel-specific process that eliminates document management waste so everyone spends less time on admin - and more time actually helping customers (and moving sales forward)


Most importantly, we help our customers turn their distributor network into a competitive advantage.

Here’s the thing – revitalizing your distributor network doesn't have to be hard.

It's just a process. The right process. 

And it's what we do.


What customers say:

"This has created a better connection between the marketing team and the sales team.”
 - Erin Alder, VP, National Marketing Director, west

"BAM! cut sales training time by over 70%."
 - Katherine Bay, E-commerce and Digital Content Specialist, Cestusline

"From a user standpoint, even someone who is not tech savvy can access and navigate the app without issues."
 - Daniel Friedman, VP of Marketing, Eagle Crusher Co. Inc.

“Now I have a dashboard where I can communicate things that need to be top-of-mind for the sales team, and I can update very consistently in a way that DropBox can’t. With BAM! I have a mobile tool we can access anywhere in the world, online and offline.”
 - Amy Donahue-Kelly, Senior Global Marketing - Systems


Three things make us different

Easiest to use

The biggest barrier to adoption by dealers and distributors is ease of use. Most software solutions fail in this respect because they aren't easy enough to understand for independent reps. With it's award-winning ease, outside reps can pick up BAM! and start using it immediately, even without training. 

On-demand anywhere

As a cross-platform mobile app that works equally well on phones/tablets and iOS/Android, outside sales reps will always have the latest information at their fingertips - whether it's to fine tune things before a sales meeting or answer customer questions in real time. And it works offline, so being away from the office won't leave them in the dark.


Whether it's using the branded, "white label" app to win distributor mindshare, or deploying custom interactive products or sales calculators, there are endless opportunities to customize BAM! in a way that makes sense for your products and sales reps.

Think there could potentially be a fit?

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