The 90 Day Transformation with Tom Paul

How to make your OEM faster and smarter in 90 days with digital transformation.

Why do some OEMs grow and succeed while others just spin their wheels? 

What separates companies that manage sales growth effectively from those that don’t?

Why do some really smart teams fail? 



My name is Tom Paul, and over the past 10 years, my company has been helping some of the most successful equipment manufacturers in the world grow like wildfire. 


Imagine…your marketing team knowing what materials are being seen and used – so they can create more of what works.  


Imagine, having total control of what materials are being used in the field, not having to take calls for the latest collateral, and imagine dealer reps being equipped with the latest information at all times, able to focus on serving customers rather than scrounging around in email or drawers for new brochures. 


Imagine providing visual selling tools so visually compelling that you make it easier for reps to close deals.


How would that feel? 


That’s what most OEM sales and marketing managers want, but still a lot of them can’t achieve that. 


Well, over the years… 


I noticed trends as to why equipment manufacturers keep failing and I’ve boiled it down to 3 reasons.  


  1. OEMs lack control over sales and marketing materials and who can access them. Because they don’t have a centralized, easy to manage folder structure, they end up losing control over versions and permissions. They end up wasting time sending emails and taking phone calls from dealers who don’t have the latest brochures, manuals and spec sheets.

  2. OEMs can’t measure the effectiveness of sales and marketing materials. Even with stellar materials, if they don’t know what is being used, how often and by whom, they have no idea what their dealers actually want and what they should be creating next. They wind up guessing, which wastes time and money they don’t have. And sales gets frustrated.

  3. OEM’s don’t have the tools to educate their sales reps, much less the customer. A few top sales people don’t need any help, but what about everyone else? Sales managers have reps that don’t know the product, and the subpar sales results speak for themselves.  


Now, the truth is that these problems are completely avoidable if you just follow the right steps and process and you have the right knowledge. 


You can take control over your sales and marketing materials, you can measure their effectiveness, and you can educate your reps and customers if you just have the right foundations in place.  


The truth? 


Taking control of your sales and marketing content is possible if you know how to organize it, make it searchable, and establish permissions so everyone can easily locate and access exactly what they need.  


Measuring the effectiveness of your sales and marketing content is possible if you know how to make it easy to understand and provide business value.  


Educating your dealers and customers is dead simple, if you can create an interactive tool to visually explore your entire product line and each product’s key features and benefits, in an easy and intuitive way anyone can pick up and use. 


But OEM’s don’t know where to start. They keep spending their time on activities that don’t get them results, they create materials that sales doesn’t want or use, they still send sales and marketing content by email, and they struggle educating dealers and closing new customers.

Maybe they bought a tool off the shelf but no one liked it and after a month or two, it was abandoned. Maybe they tried to build an app in-house. But they didn’t like the results, which didn’t meet requirements, took too long, and was viewed as a failure. 


They don’t have the budget to try anything custom again. So, they are stuck with old, outdated tools and processes that waste time and money. They are stuck in the weeds day in, day out, fighting fires and running from one emergency to another, wondering when they will ever have the opportunity to be less reactive and more proactive, less tactical and more strategic.  


Well don’t worry, if you fall into this bucket, it’s not your fault. Most OEMs are in this boat. This stuff is harder than it appears, even if you are incredibly smart and technically savvy. 


Not to mention, the tools that work today are not the same tools that worked a few years ago, so it’s almost impossible to stay up to date and make sure you are using the right strategy. 


Here at BAM!, we specialize in helping OEMs finally take control over their sales and marketing content management, in a way that saves marketing time and gets sales RESULTS.  


We spent the last 10 years dialing in a process that just works.  

We offer a powerful combination of sales content management, usage analytics, and dealer/customer education that actually moves the needle for both sales AND marketing – bringing them closer together and making both more productive for it.  


We’ve worked with some of the top OEM’s in the world in heavy equipment – commercial trucking, construction, farm & ag, industrial machines, you name it. Virtually everyone we work with who is using this process is killing it. 


Here are just a few of our successful clients:  

  • General Kinematics reduced sales support requests by 20%.
  • WFG reduced sales support requests by 20%.
  • Freightliner Trucks reduced sales ramp-up time by 50%.
  • Cestusline reduced sales ramp-up time by 70%.

We are a team of technical experts and developers who have fought in the trenches to learn this stuff. 


Everyone on our team is either a top-notch engineer, an expert interface designer, or a pro in onboarding and customer support. 


So how do we help our clients? 


Simply put, all we care about is getting you results, and we have developed an in-depth 90-day implementation program that guarantees success. 


In month 1, we stand-up your web back-end and mobile app, work with you to inventory your assets and build your ideal folder structure (user-focused or product-focused), and train you and your team on the core tools and permissions management. 


In month 2, your training continues with advanced features like builders for products, the visual navigator, and product comparisons. You will also see how easy it is to get support if you ever need it.  


In month 3, you build out your assets and migrate your data, finish setting up your admins and users, plan your roll-out (pilot program or dealer meeting), and field test to make sure it works just the way you want it to. 


Then, LAUNCH! 


Following implementation, you will begin to see new efficiencies right away. Marketing will be empowered to create effective assets by measuring what works. Phone and email requests for sales and marketing materials will decline, creating more time for making better, more useful materials. Dealers will finally start getting more of what they actually want. New sales reps will onboard faster, right out of the gate. And within a few months, sales productivity will increase because reps will have better information at their fingertips.   


This process has proven to work multiple times over and over again.


Our sweet spot is helping OEM’s manage growth more efficiently, with more helpful marketing and more productive sales.  


So if you are an OEM Marketer or Director of Sales, and your goal is to get more efficient in managing growth in your sales and dealer network, and you want to work with the best people in the world at this, then click the link and sign up for a free strategy session. 


On the strategy session, we will dive deep into how you are currently doing things. 


We learn about what you are currently doing, how you create assets, and how you get them in the hands of your reps. We will also show you our strategies and tactics that have worked for countless OEMs.  


Now, who is this for? 


The problems we help our clients solve are the BIG, frustrating problems in OEM marketing and sales, so we work best with people who are willing to invest in their company and are serious about growing it. Companies who are willing to do things differently and achieve positive change. 


Our sweet spot is with OEM’s who are ready to finally move forward, get rid of daily dysfunction, who believe things can and should be different – and better.   


We work with people who understand the stakes of change, who have an idea of what they want, who want to make change NOW. We like working with the real, confident decision-makers. 


We like working with people who are motivated and who are ready to take their business to the next level and are willing to try new things to achieve their goal. 


Who is this not for? 

Well, this isn’t for people at organizations without the will to change. Some organizations say they want change, but aren’t really willing to do the work.  


This isn’t for OEM’s who are satisfied with the way things are.   


This isn’t for people who can wait indefinitely to make a decision, or can’t make a decision – period.   


We are the real deal, we have the numbers to back it up, and if you choose to work with us, it will transform your company.