ATTN: Sales Leaders in Manufacturing

  • Are fewer than 20% of your distributors "high-performing?"

  • Do distributors keep calling every week for basic information?

  • Are your distributors "order-takers?"

Ready to take action (and firing most of your distributors isn't a good option)?


There is a solution.

First, watch the video to learn how to transform low-performing distributors from order-takers into confident and prepared sales reps 

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Second, schedule a 30-minute sales audit with one of our experts to uncover the biggest opportunities in your outside sales network

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In the past year, we've helped hundreds of leading manufacturers and their distributor networks to become more efficient and effective at selling

Here's what a few of them have to say....


Erin Alder

VP – National Marketing Director, WEST 


David Marx

Director of Digital Marketing, Freightliner Trucks

“This has created a better connection between the marketing team and the sales team.”

“You can’t imagine how pleased our customers and dealers are with this app!”

Daniel Friedman

Daniel Friedman

VP of Marketing, Eagle Crusher Co. Inc.


Amy Donahue-Kelly

Senior Global Marketing – Systems, GK

“From a user standpoint, even someone who is not tech savvy can access and navigate the app without issues.”

“With BAM! I have a mobile tool we can access anywhere in the world, online and offline.”

Case Studies

Amy @ GK

Erin @ WEST

“I wanted a centralized content portal they could use in their day-to-day sales process. I tried working with a local individual to build it from scratch, but that was not successful…

Now I have a dashboard where I can communicate things that need to be top-of-mind for the sales team, and I can update very consistently in a way that DropBox can’t. With BAM! I have a mobile tool we can use anywhere in the world, online and offline.”

“It is important for our sales teams to feel confident that they can go out to meetings with clients, going from one appointment to another, and pull out their phone knowing they have every asset they need right in front of them. This has created a better connection between the marketing team and the sales team.”


The next step is to jump on a 30-minute call

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We will also offer a few specific solutions from experience to optimize your company’s growth in your outside sales network this year.

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